Back in Action

Book cover for Back in ActionBack in Action
By Elvira Woodruff
Ilustrated by Will Hillenbrand
Holiday House, October 1991
Ages 8-14
978-0823408979 hardcover
978-0440408086 paperback

For weeks, ten-year old Noah has been looking for the magic powder that made him shrink in the fourth grade. Not only did he become the same size as the small plastic figures that he kept in the shoe boxes under his bed, but his favorite “little guys”, the Commander and his sidekick Sergeant Gordy, came to life, too.

In this sequel to Awfully Short For the Fourth Grade, Noah finds the powder and convinces his best friend Nate to shrink also. Together, they join the “little guys” for another thrilling adventure, narrowly escaping the jaws of a monster at every turn.

Book cover for Awfully Short for the Fourth Grade

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Praise for Back in Action:
“In this sequel to Awfully Short for the Fourth Grade (Holiday House, 1989), nine-year-old Noah still enjoys making up scenarios for his dozens of plastic, action-adventure figures. Finding the magic powder that he used in the first story to bring his “little guys” to life and to shrink himself down to their size, he convinces a friend to accompany him on a miniaturized exploration. Unfortunately, the powder activates not only the small figures, but also his cousin’s vicious toy monster who’s out for blood. Noah must learn leadership skills in order to marshal the plastic forces and defeat the creature. Woodruff does…affirm the value of individual initiative and cooperative effort in this light-fantasy adventure.”—School Library Journal