Awfully Short for the Fourth Grade

Book cover for Awfully Short for the Fourth GradeAwfully Short for the Fourth Grade
By Elvira Woodruff
Ilustrated by Will Hillenbrand
Holiday House, November 1989
Ages 8-14
978-0823407859 hardcover
978-0440403661 paperback

Noah Murphy carries his plastic “little guys” everywhere. One day, while sitting on the school bus with his younger brother, Jess, Noah makes a wish using magic powder from the toy machine.

Noah looks as his little guys – Commander Falcon and Sergeant Gordy and three headless green aliens.

“Let them all come to life, all my guys. And let me be their size, so I can have an adventure with them.”

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Back in Action

That’s when the bus hits a bump and strange things start to happen. Will the fourth grade at Roosevelt School ever be the same again?