Skype School Visits

Skype School Visits

Elvira Woodruff at the door of her home.Here is an unique opportunity to get up close and personal with an award – winning author. Elvira will welcome students and teachers into her hundred-year-old home for an intimate chat about creating books and her own writing process. Her cozy book-filled study usually has a fire crackling in the fireplace and a table piled high with research books and artifacts. It is the favorite room in her house.

“Find your favorite spot to write in,” she tells young writers. “And hopefully it has a door that you can shut. I think the most important thing about your writing space is not the furniture, or the decoration of the room, but the quiet. That means no television on, no music, no voices (except those in your head)…Writers love quiet. They love to fill it with the voices of their characters and the noise of their stories.”

Elvira shares successful strategies for writing and entertaining anecdotes about the process of creating a story. For the most beneficial visit, students should have read at least one of her books. There is also an opportunity for students to ask questions about any aspect of the writing process.

Choose from three themes:

The American Revolution
Why George Washington makes a Doozy of a Houseguest

George Washington

Discussion centering on the writing of:
George Washington books


On the Way to Ellis Island

Ellis Island

Discussion centering on the writing of:
Ellis Island and Immigration


America on the Move
Following Their Star

Covered wagon

Discussion centering on the writing of:

If you are looking for a lively, educational experience for your students, one that will give them solid information on the writing process from one of their favorite authors, schedule a Skype visit soon!

30-40 minute visit, $300.00

To schedule a Skype visit with Elvira, contact:
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Praise for Elvira’s Skype visits:
"Skyping with Mrs. Woodruff was like time traveling with Dominic into the world of The Orphan of Ellis Island! Not only did we hear about what inspired her to write this fantastic book, but we also learned about the extraordinary amount of work authors must complete before publishing a book. So, if you love this book or want a behind the scenes look at the world of an author’s life, you will thoroughly enjoy Skyping with Mrs. Woodruff!"—Miss Q’s 4th Grade Class, St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School, Coral Gables, FL