To Knit or Not to Knit

Take a Fresh and Fun Look at the
Ancient Art of Knitting

To Knit or Not to Knit by Elvira WoodruffTo Knit or Not to Knit
By Elvira Woodruff
9781629142111, July 2014

To Knit or Not to Knit is a unique Dear Abby/mini-knitting essay collection, offering humorous tales of triumph and terror on the needles, with a witty nod to the famous and infamous throughout history.

As Mrs. Wicks happily quotes everyone from Napoleon Bonaparte to Beatrix Potter, she adds her own wit and wisdom to answer a variety of questions on knitting ranging from Is there a quick fix for dropped stitches? To My boyfriend says my passion for knitting is stronger than my passion for him. What should I do?

A number of Mrs. Wicks’ own patterns are sprinkled throughout, along with her sound advice for stitches dropped and love gone wrong. Ever the optimist she advices her readers to pick up their needles, dust off their hearts, and cast on without looking back.

A few words about To Knit or Not to Knit from Elvira:

Long before I began writing books I learned how to knit. From those first loopy stitches on my needles it was love pure and simple. The pleasure of creating something beautiful and useful with my hands was so powerful I became a life-long knitter and hard-core yarn addict.

Over the years, my family has grown and I can’t seem to stop knitting for them! Even when they have begged, “Please, have pity! No more mittens!” I couldn’t stop myself. I’d discover the next perfect pattern and the next perfect excuse to knit them just one more pair of mittens. I suppose only another knitter would understand the attraction, the comfort, the very need to knit that takes hold.

As a writer I am constantly looking at a blank screen, needing to create something out of nothing. Thus the lure of making something out of something (with yarn and a pattern to follow) had a strong visceral pull.

I decided to write the kind of knitting book that I’ve always wanted to read, but couldn’t find- , a literary look at knititng- part memoir and part knitting guide, with crafty tips and tidbits, beautiful art, and essays on life lessons learned on and off the needles.

If you are a knitter or have a loved one who knits I hope you will enjoy my new book (my first for grown-ups) and remember Mrs. Wicks and her well meaning advice to ‘Keep On Casting On’.
Cheers, Elvira (aka Mrs. Wicks)

"A humorous compilation of Dear Abby style essays, this book is a hilarious read for those who love knitting. There are quotes from Lord Byron and Beatrix Potter among others, classic paintings of knitters, and photographs of movie stars practicing their craft. With simple patterns scattered throughout, this book will make a joyful addition to any craft book library."—Knit Picks

"Long gone are the days where knitting was as sure fire a way to send you to sleep as a cheeky Valium- just ask Elvira Woodruff. The children’s book author has turned her attention to the wooly stuff. This collection of knitting-related essays and tongue-in-cheek answers to common casting on problems, interspersed with real patterns, will put a wry smile on your face as your hands make magic with those needles."—My Daily UK – Craft Books to Buy for 2014

To Knit or Not to Knit Makes the Perfect Gift for the Thoughtful Knitter