School Visits

School Visits

Let a real working writer take your students through the exciting steps of creating a story.

Discover the difference a dynamic speaker can make.

With her positive experience and joy for the craft of creative writing Elvira Woodruff will motivate your students and teachers alike. One visit from this award-winning author will make a lasting impression on your entire school.

Elvira is comfortable speaking to large groups or small, depending on your needs:
Child writing

For K-5 schools:
She will do a forty minute presentation for K, 1, & 2 on writing a picture book and a fifty minute presentation for grades 3, 4,& 5 on writing chapter books. She will also do a thirty minute “Discuss the Craft” workshop with grades 3,4, & 5 or students of your choice. This session offers solid information for young writers on characterization, plot, research, rejection, revision, and rejoicing.

‘My aim for each visit is high. I want to reach every student, in order to wake up, and shake up, the natural writers within them. By the end of the day I want to leave a school full of young writers who are burning to get their words down on a page, and have their voices heard.’ – Elvira Woodruff

Hands raised

For middle schools:
Elvira will do two fifty minute presentations on writing novels and two thirty minute “Discuss the Craft” workshops. The interaction between Fact & Fiction will be emphasized, as well as the importance roles that research and primary resources play in constructing a story.

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Be Prepared!

Elvira will bring her own projector, but she will need:

Smooth sailing

  • A screen and a dark room
  • Microphone (even for a small room)
  • Cart for projector and extension cord
  • Pictures are fine, but please no videotaping.

The very best visits are those in which the students have not only read the author’s books, but have been encouraged to do projects, bulletin boards, writing projects, art work, etc. in conjunction with the books. In this way the visit sparks much more creativity and the students are far richer for it.

A Note About Book Signing
Elvira will be happy to personalize books when she signs; but if there are over two hundred books, she requests that the signing be limited to one book per student.

$1750 per day, plus expenses.
An additional $250 per day will be charged for schools farther than 100 miles from Martins Creek, Pa (zip code 18063).

To invite Elvira to your school, contact:
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