Show and Tell

Book cover for Show and TellShow and Tell
By Elvira Woodruff
Ilustrated by Denise Brunkus
Holiday House, September 1991
Ages 4-8
978-0823408832 hardcover
978-0440849063 paperback

The children in Andy’s class think that the things he brings in for show-and-tell are boring – a paper clip, an old shoelace, a fork with a bent handle. ‘You’ve got the worst show-and-tells in the whole class, maybe the whole school,’ Emma Oletii tells him. Then one day, Andy finds a blue bottle with a label that says:

And they do – but the class has a wonderful show-and-tell experience as a result.

Praise for Show and Tell:
“Andy never has anything good for show and tell. The other kindergarteners laugh at his paper clip, shoelace, and bent fork. One day he finds a blue bottle that looks interesting. When he blows bubbles from it as a part of his presentation, they envelop his teacher and classmates and turn them into floating bubbles. The class flies around on this ‘Fine day for a field trip’ before nearly colliding with a jet. A sudden rain storm bursts the bubbles and causes them to land. Walking back to school, Andy’s teacher tells him that she’d prefer to see his bent fork again the next time. This enjoyable fantasy features large, colorful, cartoon illustrations that perfectly suit the text. Andy is a rumpled wimp with glasses and unkempt red hair. Mrs. Applelarney is a plump woman – before she gets inflated – who sports a red sailor top, bright red lipstick, dated glasses, and a positive attitude toward her students. This combination of personalities, pictures, and prose makes this a good read-aloud for story programs.”—School Library Journal