George Washington’s Socks

Book cover for George Washington's SocksGeorge Washington’s Socks
By Elvira Woodruff
Scholastic Press, February 1993
Ages 8-14
978-0785701927 school/library binding
978-0590440363 paperback
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While camping out in Tony’s back yard, ten-year old Matthew, his friends, and his younger sister, Katie, decide to take a walk along Lake Levart. (They were told not to camp on the lake, but no one said anything about walking there.)

Soon, under the light of the three-quarter-moon, the children discover an ancient wooden rowboat floating on the silvery ripples of the lake’s surface, beckoning them to come aboard. In a trance like state, they step in. Before they know it, they are lost at sea – lost in time – surrounded by a thick, velvety darkness. In the swollen, choppy water, large chunks of ice crash dangerously into the boat. And suddenly Katie is missing.

Book cover for George Washington's Spy

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George Washington’s Spy

After a long frantic search for Katie, another boat appears. In it stands a tall, majestic-looking man who is holding Katie, wet and asleep, in his arms. He speaks oddly and looks as though he’s from another century. Could he possibly be George Washington?

As Matthew, Quentin, Hooter, Tony, and Katie experience the American Revolution firsthand and learn the sobering realities of war, Elvira Woodruff spins a compelling historic fantasy that won’t soon be forgotten.

Praise for George Washington’s Socks:
“An overnight camp-out turns into a harrowing trip to colonial America in this action-packed novel…Young history buffs and adventure seekers alike will enjoy this journey to the past.”—Publishers Weekly